Jungle Soul by Therese Vaux de la Fontaine
Jungle Soul

This website represents a bunch of my older Artwork 2008 to 2016. This year though, I haven't been able to paint, due to non-sponsorship, along with other vital amendments, such as the creation of my 2 new websites, tutu ballerina ballerina-pointes.com

While revamping my major site of the Queen of France.
Purple Lilies by Therese Vaux de la Fontaine
Purple Lilies

Dark purple lilies.


Frosted Christmas by Therese Vaux de la Fontaine
Frosted Christmas

A Christmas tree decorated in butter-frosting.


The Sea's Journey by Therese Vaux de la Fontaine
The Sea's Journey

Dolphins, hummingbirds, clams...living with a storm's wave.


Wild Horses by Therese Vaux de la Fontaine
Wild Horses

Desert horses running wild on the open savanna.

Set-up an artist donations shop!

Yarn, ribbon, beads
Colored Pencils, manual or electric pencil sharpeners,
Paper, canvas'
Paints, guesso's, any type,
Bristle, horse or camel hair, paint brushes.
Point Shoes, old or new.
Unused & Unopened: (no spearmint)
Natural & Organic Only;
deodorant, toothpaste; like a calendula, shampoo & conditioner, make-up, soap, oatmeal or other delicate recipes.

Red wine; Sulphite-free if available;
preferably the denser bodied wines; merlot, bordeaux, syrah.

*to re-distribute to your local artists.

My Little Art Gallery

Welcome to my art site;
My recent Purple Tempera Paintings;

Leopards Kisses in the Pansies
Pearls of the Peacock
The Lizard's Wish
Most of the pages are organized by painting color.

The site represents my older paintings;

I am art focused on the direction of illustrative paintings with or without tempera.

Fairy Seas,
Dec. 22, 2014
Fairy Seas
Terissa Vaux de la Fontaine aka Therese Vaux de la Fontaine
Chestnut Fairy of Therese Vaux de la Fontaine


The Artwork

All kinds of abstracts, realism & surreal.

The paintings and illustrations shown here on the website, are only available in their digital form.

I normally paint on canvas, paper or cardboard;

  • Oils
  • Acrylics
  • Egg-based temperas
  • Oxides
  • Charcoals
Other painting styles include:
  • Murals and trompe l'oeil
  • Cartoon characters; birds, dancers and fairies.
    though I do not paint abject realism, in its exact form.
Other artistic abilities include:
  • Sculpting, with sculpy(sculpey) tiny trophy size dancers.
  • Ancient hand-weaving with a frame loom.weaving
  • Wire-wrapping of rocks for jewelry.

All my digital artwork & photography is via my copyright. Therefore, if you want to take it, please pay me appropriately as is the norm. For artistic copyrighted material.

Pinko Grasses by Therese Vaux de la Fontaine
Wild Meadows Pink Saffron
The grasses dew,
time spent
with days misted hue.

Painting Supplies
Drawing Supplies

Societal Talk

Zayvra at youtube.com
... I upload vlogs there often. ...all kinds of topics, probably anger a few, but that's life. I wish the site effected more into actions of societal changes, yet in truth the actions from persons have gone on. People have rallied by hundreds and into the millions, to be a result of no change. So how is that possible?

A few reasons;

Idolisation of our commerce system;
so much so. that fear of a change to it, protects its harsh givings and treatments.
The system then has been allowed to continue for the sake of 401k's or other instrumental paranoic savings devices such as social security.
Due to this epic control by fear, an eclipse of the financial system has not been allowed to commence.

In an answer;
I wrote a new government, with hopes that if adopted, it brings in a new future by removing poverty, via a property world government.
It implements a pre-paid wage each year,
with a 25% taxation applied to property sales, & only a few larger businesses such as banks and casinos, which thereby fund its returns each year.
Its banking system with excel spreadsheets are located on my google document site.

General Rules of Beliefs;
Not a God topic, but meaning ...the general rules that many adhere to, as strict guidelines of conversation and thought processes, called normal or a regular life.
When the majority live with this weight of certain topics, they are constrained.

Constrained easily, as in example... "The right" or "The left".
When persons live tight to these sides,
it is merely one large group fighting another, as a tug of war.
When you die, another will take the rope.
So, it has been a successful tool,
to limit people into generalizations, as they block others straight away, due to many heated arguments they may have witnessed on TV or been active-in with others.

Living with no changes;
When all throughout ones life,
they have lived as constructs of the society of no-changes,
it is almost easy to not even want it anymore.
The aged persons are comforted in the same, complaining included,
even if "the same" brings in a constance of... an impoverished world with wars.
So, really being and adopting a new change for the system,
has merely been a bark; a loud bark by some, a thrown opinion-out by others.
When at last thought... most have a decent place to sleep at night,
so the night relaxes their day's of bitter complaints.